Thursday, February 4, 2016

Surprise My Pet Review ( Promo Code)

Zelda and I are excited to share with you, Our experience with the monthly subscription box from Surprise My Pet.  I have to say we absolutely love subscription boxes, They are such a convenient way to get a bundle of things, That normally you wouldn't pick yourself. But I end up finding new products that We love.

When our box arrived it was noticed almost immediately by the dogs. They knew this box was for them. Upon opening the bright yellow box with little paw prints, We noticed a sweet note and a break down sheet of what was in your box. Zelda gave it no time to really sniff trying to figure what she wanted first!
How Surpise My Pet Works?

Their boxes range in 4 different sizes, This way they can carefully choose which items fit your pooch the best! I believe we received the box for medium dogs, Our box was stuffed with 6 items. These supplies for your dog are from dog toys,bones and all natural dog treats. None of their treats and chews come from china and are inspected to assure they are healthy and safe for your pets before they are shipped.

A Perk for Surpise My Pet, Each box you get from them. They help other pets in need!

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Our break down of our box-

Our box was stuffed with 6 great products. Contents- 2 toys,2 packs of treat, a delicious bone and Magnetic dog poetry.

The toys were first picked from the box, Zelda is a ball dog. That was her first choice. however then the aroma of opened treats drifted past her nose. she was then super interested on how they were going to taste. These were the Punster bakery gourmet treats, These treats cam in the cutest box. I was excited to see what ingredients they contained. These treats are described hand crafted in small amounts,using the best organic ingredients, they are gluten free and vegan as well. Zelda absolutely loved them! A few hours had went by Zelda then begged at the box once again. Knowing the goodies she had instore, She reached in and grabbed the SPOT beyond tough bone, I will sage that bone was not very tough. In about 5 minutes, It was destroyed. Mean while the figure 8 ball was still intact. Our ranch rewards smoked bone was a huge hit. Zelda really loved the smell and spent a few hours chipping away at it.

The Sukes Z-bone natural edible gentle chew, Was something we actually tried before and has always been a hit for our dogs, So this one went very quickly.

My dog mom favorite was the Dog poetry. Our family is huge dog lovers. Our children play with it each day trying to make little poems.

We really enjoyed our Surprise pet box. We know you will enjoy yours. This is a all paws up review for us. And will be purchasing in the future.

This product was sent to us in exchange for a honest review, We didn't receive any sponsoring from this company what so ever. Everything written above is paw approved and written by The owner of Zelda whom is featured in this review.

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