Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pet Gift Box Review

Pet Gift Box is a monthly subscription box, That is filled with many toys for your dog or cat. Usually there are toys and treats. These are most likely to be full size products. I received my first box in december of 2014. But like most boxes i have received, I always sign up to see if they are only over filling the review box, As most companies do. BUT pet gift box gave me the same amount the 3 times i have received the box. This box is awesome because you can pick the size of your animal, So the toys are made just for their size. Apollo has loved every single box and knows that mail is coming once a month for him!

Apollo loves his toys and was eager to open his box and dig in for his goodies, These boxes are 17.99USD a month, But if you check out their Facebook they have promo codes where you could get a even more fabulous deal on them. Also If you refer your friends to pet gift box you get 5$ and they get 5$!! That is a awesome deal!

This product was sent to me to review, I am not getting paid to review this product

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