Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Primal Pet Food Review

Primal Pet food is a company that makes high quality pet food for your pets. Recently I reached out to this company because Apollo had tons of allergies and it was hard to find a food that would agree with him stomach. When researching I found this food to have many reviews, And had to try it for myself. This company really puts everything into their product to insure its safe for pets. It has top grade meats,bones,fruits,veggies and supplements. In this house we do not free feed our pets, They eat twice a day. We received three 5oz. Bags of the Freeze dried Duck and One bag of the Turkey Liver munchies. The first time Apollo tried this formula, He ran right over sniffed, Boom it was gone. I had never seen him eat his food so fast. (and that was sprinkles over his kibble) after a few days of giving him the transition. He would be so excited each morning to eat his food. With this food there are so many ways to make it more exciting. Somedays I would add some water, Some i would add chia seeds or mix it with other raw foods. The most awesome thing ever is after being on this formula and Raw feeding. He went to the vet and was found to have no more allergies. That speaks a lot of the food you feed your animals. Now onto the Freeze dried Turkey Liver Munchies. These Muchies have been amazing! Even better with training. Apollo looks forward to his treats when training, Having awesome tasting ones are even better. He only got these when training. they were easy to break into smaller pieces, Which allowed him to have more concentration while training. With these products, I believe they are over the top at a fabulous price. This product will be shared daily on the animal committee group. And hopefully soon will be trying some of their other products that will follow with a video. Click here to learn more

(not only do they have food for your pets they also have treats and other products)

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